How to Start a Startup

A Workshop Series Guide for Entrepreneurs

How to Start a Startup

XLR8HI is pleased to offer a 5-week interactive course covering the best practices for launching startups. The course will include lessons on marketing, financials, pitching, and more. The course is available at two different schedules. See below for more details.

$373.37/Per Person*

*Standard price is $497.42.  For the first course series only we’re offering a discount of 25%.  Additional discounts available up to 90% of tuition cost.  Click here to apply for additional discounts.



Courses and Subjects


This 5-week interactive course will cover best practices for how to launch a startup. The course will cover an introductory outline of starting a business using lean methodology: a streamlined process based on building, testing, and iterating your product and business. Regardless of whether you want to build a lifestyle, small-business, or high growth venture, learn important topics you need to cover through every step of the business from idea creation to market research to fundraising.

The course is taught by Sultan Ventures’ Managing Partner Tarik Sultan; Sultan Ventures has invested millions of dollars into the Hawaii startup ecosystem and raised millions more. Certain sessions may be taught by guest experts. The instructor may also provide templates, additional resources, and recommended reading materials.

Course Topics

Design Thinking – How to come up with creative ideas.

Market Research – How to evaluate the market opportunity and competitive landscape.

The Lean Startup – How to rapidly and efficiently achieve product-market fit.

Financials Part I – How to perform fundamental analyses to determine financial feasibility and growth potential.

Financials Part II – How to raise funding for your venture.

Marketing – How to create a Go-to-Market strategy and channels for customer acquisition.

Pitch and Presentation – How to pitch your opportunity to prospective funders, new hires, partners, and customers.

Date, Time and Duration


Schedule A
Tuesdays & Thursdays
5 Weeks
4/11 – 5/11
Schedule B
5 Weeks
4/12 – 5/10

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