Hawaii Startup Catalyst

Sultan Ventures (SV) is a boutique venture firm focusing on early-stage startups and investments. As a startup catalyst, SV provides pivotal resources via its powerful network of experts and investors. SV works closely with innovative startups, providing the hands-on expertise and access to capital needed to accelerate growth, as well as with investors, performing the diligence necessary to make strategic investment decisions. Over the years Sultan Ventures has expanded their team to meet the mission of catalyzing startup growth in Hawaii and startup hubs across the country. Sultan Ventures has successfully raised over 17 million dollars in the Hawaii startup community since inception. Learn more at

Sultan Ventures recognized as the 2014 Investor of the Year from the Hawaii Venture Capital Association (HVCA).


As the private side of the XLR8UH partnership with the University of Hawaii, SV runs and manages all aspects of the accelerator program.


Hawaii United Innovators (HUI)

In conjunction with Village Capital, Sultan Ventures is launching this inaugural VilCap Community, changing the way venture funding is deployed, with an emphasis on Hawaii’s regional strengths, Energy and Agriculture.


Upside Fund

 Sultan Ventures also manages the Upside Fund, which can invest up to $600K in companies utilizing University of Hawaii IP.