The success of our XLR8UH program has been nothing short of spectacular. We’re also proud that XLR8UH was named one of the nation’s leading accelerators by the SBA last year and […] awarded a $500K grant from the EDA to expand our commercialization efforts to rural underserved communities around the state. […] I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of our dedicated efforts to develop and build a thriving innovation, research, education and training enterprise at UH.

– Vassilis L. Syrmos, UH Vice President for Research and Innovation

Where Tech Transfer Meets Venture Accelerator

XLR8UH was recognized as a Top 30 Accelerator by Forbes.

XLR8UH is the University of Hawaii’s award winning startup accelerator. The program, a public-private partnership between University of Hawaii (UH) and Sultan Ventures, educates, mentors, and invests in UH startups and entrepreneurs. XLR8UH’s goal is to create economic prosperity through the science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship that is formed at UH, converting our state’s regional strength of groundbreaking research into new businesses and jobs.

In 2015, 2016, and 2017, the Small Business Administration Growth Accelerator Fund Competition recognized XLR8UH as one of the nation’s top accelerators. In addition, the XLR8UH program was awarded a U.S. Department of Commerce Regional Innovation Strategies i6 Challenge grant, managed by the Economic Development Administration’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

A first-of-its kind, award winning Proof-of-Concept Center and Venture Accelerator.

University of Hawaii

The State’s epicenter of research and innovation.


A team dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurs and startups statewide and beyond.

Sultan Ventures

Hawaii’s startup catalyst, in the heart of Startup Paradise.

State and Federal Recognition

EDA RIS i6 Challenge Grant

HTDC Innovation Grant

SBA Growth Accelerator Award 2015-2017