Red Vox

Early hazard warning detection via mobile.



Early warning detection of natural and man made hazards by capturing and analyzing infrasound data via mobile devices.

Redvox provides infrasound capture via mobile app for soundscapes, environmental noise, and early warning of natural and man-made hazards. Redvox develops mobile apps and services to capture and mine infrasound for national security, natural hazards, civil defense, and environmental applications, with possible markets in citizen science, wildlife management, and sound design. Microphones are the most ubiquitous sensors in mobile phones, and they are capable of recording infrasound. A new generation of smartphones (e.g. Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, and the iPhone6) also incorporate barometers to expedite geolocation. The company will develop mobile device applications that use existing, on-board microphones and barometers to capture, display, and distribute infrasonic and low frequency acoustic signals. A cloud-based service will be also constructed to receive these data and perform advanced distributed sensor network analyses.