Adaptable space missions operations software.


Adaptable space missions operations software that can monitor and control satellites and other remotely operated vehicles.

COSMOS is a set of hardware tools & open source software applications designed to support development & operations of one or more small spacecraft by being easily adaptable for multiple missions & diversifying operation centers. COSMOS (Comprehensive Open-architecture Software for Mission Operations Systems) is designed to provide a development environment for spacecraft that will support all phases of the spacecraft life cycle; from Concept through Design, Integration and Testing, and finally Operations.

It includes software protocols, libraries and tools, for design and operations; a uniform set of approaches and philosophies to govern development and implementation; and a closely integrated physical test bed for real world application. During its development, COSMOS was generalized and expanded to be applicable to diverse vehicles or “nodes’ such as spacecraft, rovers, UAVs, submersibles, ground stations, etc. It provides the full system software, including the “flight software” on the nodes. It is capable of supporting multiple devices.